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Anonymous asked: do you know what colors look good on darker skin tones? tan with warm undertones specifically

You came to the right place!

I would say bright colors, like fuscia, red, yellow, orange, green, turquoise…those sorts of colors. if you look at traditional wear from countries with people with that skin tone you can see that we loooove our colors!

Anonymous asked: can you show your eid outfits or inspiration for eid outfits? no idea what to wear :(


We all grew up in a pretty cultured bengali society, so for eid we always wear traditional salwar kameez. I know its different for everyone though, so if you here here here here here or scroll into the archives there should be lots of formal look ideas :) 


Anonymous asked: what does hijab mean to you?

There’s no concrete answer to this. It means something different to every one and it is something each Muslim has a unique relationship with. People reach it at all ages, sometimes it takes 21 years, sometimes it takes 12, sometimes 42…but however long it takes, if you make sincere intention that it’s something you want to do, Allah will bring you to it.
Personally, to me, practicing hijab is a means of becoming closer to God. It’s being aware of your actions, speech, and dress. It is both internal and external. It can also be a love/hate relationship (as long as you always remember to love it more)…I’d be lying if I said it isn’t one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and that so very few people know how hard it is to look in the mirror after you just washed all your hair and then proceed to tie it up and wrap a scarf around it. But going through reminds you of increases your taqwa because at the moment you put it on, you do it for the sake of Allah and nothing is more beautiful than being conscious of your Lord. It’s also something that can add identity. It’s something that makes you have to act twice as kind towards people when you’re living in the Western world. I’m not sure what else I can say…but when I first started wearing I did it because I kept thinking how temporary this world is and doing something for your akirah is so much more valuable. I’ve fallen in love with it and it can really give you strength as a girl.

Anonymous asked: would u mind giving the name of the local desi fashion store? i live in se michigan and need to go Eid shopping!

It’s bollywood fashion in sterling heights…to be honest they have an okay collection..they had really nice tikkas and head pieces. 

If you’re looking for desi clothes you should also check out some places in hamtramck like malancho fashion, rimas sari, etc. 

Anonymous asked: how are clothes supposed to look modest when you're overweight? they just don't look good, everything is tight or looks like a garbage bag. I get so disappointed. no one will even marry me. ugh. its nice to look thin and fashionable but theres so few hijabis that are curvier and there are no options for nice clothes. any suggestions? I feel down when im shopping.

GIRL. I FEEL YOU. why does it feel like all clothes was made for tiny people? I’ll be honest with you, i’m overweight. i hate shopping. i’ve had moments where i literally sit in the fitting room and cry because i hate how i look. but you know what? at the same time, modest dressing can help overcome that. While it wont fix what you feel inside, it’ll help hide it on the outside. Heres what I look for when I’m shopping: 

  • Does it cover my thighs? If it does, which curves is it hitting? 
  • Does it cinch in at the waist? I find that this is hella flattering. 
  • Whats the neckline like? I find that the higher the neckline the more slimming it can be. Also the wider (not deeper), the more slimming. 
  • Look for pieces that are more flowy: Dresses, palazzo pants, skirts, blouses, etc. 
  • Also look for less clingy fabrics: jersey basically sucks man. it sucks. 
  • I also find that with hijab, it helps to wear it looser. It kind of evens everything out. 

But the most important thing to remember is that you won’t feel better on the outside until you feel better on the inside. its something i’m struggling with…something everyone struggles with. i’m still trying to make piece with the fact that i AM a larger girl. and you know what? someday someone will love me because my personality will shine through. Life is too short to worry about these little things.

Best of luck. Remember, you’re gorgeous! 

Anonymous asked: post more pics yall :( good modest fashion inspiration! thx!

We’re working on it! Swears! haha thank you!

Anonymous asked: what nationality are you guys? love the blog!

Thanks! We’re Bangladeshi American :) 

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