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Anonymous asked: you guys should create an Instagram account and post outfit ideas there too

We’ve been talking about it forever & will get on it soon! We’re all a little caught up with school right now, but we will let you guys know when that happens :)

Anonymous asked: I wanna thank you guys for giving me the confidence to be fashionable while still wearing a hijab. It was forced upon me and I felt so ugly at first but idk people say im workin it 😉 Ya'll so inspirational! Keep doin what youre doing cuz its awesome

I’m sure you are workin it :) Thank you for this, and I’m glad you’re learning to love it and find confidence in it! 

Anonymous asked: hi I really want to go to my high school homecoming but i really don't know what to wear?? im going to wear a short dress but i don't know what to wear over/under it?? like i don't want to wear leggings and a cardigan cause that would look bad so what should i wear? please help

Hello! sorry for the late reply! i hope we can still help :) 

I guess if you want to wear a short dress but you’re not open to leggings/cardigans it kind of cuts your options short. one thing you can do is wear tights, like the footed ones. another thing you can do is get a black/white/taupe long sleeve shirt and throw it under. 

when fariha and i went to homecoming she wore tights with her dress and high heels and it didn’t look bad at all. over her dress she draped and pinned a big black sparkly shawl. i had a long dress and wore a shrug over it. you know, like one of those formal ones? 

heres a picture of me and fariha from homecoming with our heads cut off because good lord: 


i hope this helped! have fun at homecoming and be safe. people be crazy these days :) 



Anonymous asked: any keys to confidence?

Be someone you’d respect.

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