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Anonymous asked: im starting high school soon and I was kind of thinking about wearing hijab because my mom asked if i wanted to a few of my friends wear it, but im scared i wont be accepted in school and that my old friends will hate me.

If you feel an inkling towards it in your heart, take that as a good sign and make what you can out of it. Ask Allah to make you want it more and the strength will come. Obviously you have family support and support from some of your friends, and honestly friends who hate you for it really aren’t the kinds of friends you want.. although I doubt they will hate you, they may just not understand it at first. Look into it, try it out here and there (mall, movies, dinners, etc) and see how you feel about it! Everyone’s relationship with hijab is different, but what’s important is to keep it in mind and always work towards getting closer and closer to perfect.. so ask Allah for confidence in it and to help you really love it. I’ll be keeping you in my duas <3 

Anonymous asked: where is the last abaya from?

I got it at a local fair from a lady who brings them from.. Dubai I think? Not sure, sorry :/ You can probably find butterfly abayas like that online or at Kabayare Fashion

Anonymous asked: I aspire to attain the level of faith that you have someday!!

May Allah (swt) make our faith as strong as you think it is, & may we meet in Jannah :)

Anonymous asked: how do you feel pretty in a scarf? sometimes i want to wear it but you can't wear any clothes with it and its frumpy and I feel ugly. you guys seem quite confident and seem to like it, how? doesn't wearing a scarf make you stand out more and the reason to wear it is to not stick out and hide yourself, but instead all eyes go to hijabis because people in america don't see them much. -a curious person

You’re telling me! I know very well how hard it is..when the only thing you see in media are these gorgeous girls and you just want to feel wanted too. Like it sucks when say, you have a slight crush on some boy and you see what instagram pictures he likes or the girls he follows and you realize you’ll never look like that. So you sit there feeling inadequate and down right ugly, but then what? Now here’s the secret…take a good hard look at yourself..look at the scarf you wear on your head to symbolize your love and worship for Allah, look at how beautiful He made you. Tell yourself why you made the choice to wear it and that you made it to please your Lord and not His creation. There’s so much beauty in modesty and you need to see it. Honestly physical hijab can help with self-esteem in my opinion because it gives you purpose to the way you choose to dress and present yourself to the world. It’s the most liberating thing I have ever done solely because it reminds me of how temporary this all is. Screw the fact that majority of people don’t look like you in the public, but the purpose of the scarf isn’t to “not stick out” it’s to preserve your modesty and it helps with that! I know it’s not what’s considered beautiful or hot or whatever, but when you realize how beautiful you are because you want to be beautiful in Allah’s eyes that’s when you’ll feel confident. 

- Fariha

Hijab is a different kind of beauty. I’ve been wearing it for years now and I can honestly say I still have days I feel ugly in it. I feel like I have to put in 1000x effort to feel pretty in a hijab than I would with my hair.. and I can never really explain how it feels to look in the mirror, feel confident.. and then cover it all up. But I also can’t quite explain how in that moment, it’s just you and Allah (swt). No one else will know that you just experienced this struggle, but He gets it and it brings you closer to Him. My body isn’t really mine, Allah gave it to me.. and alhamdulillah he gave me a wonderfully healthy and functioning body, and we have to do our best to take care of it the way He asks. As for sticking out, yes, we do. But we stick out in a different way that’s honestly more worth it and longer lasting. If you have the option between admiration and respect, choose respect.

Because hijab is this beautiful gift from Allah (swt), I’ve seriously found infinite wisdom in it. There’s the obvious, but little things happen that you wouldn’t even think about. Random assalamualaikums, random people telling you how they love your “head wrap” or “hair do”, showing people that yes, modesty is beautiful and even more importantly.. Islam is beautiful. It’s very possible to wear a hijab and still look beautiful. So really it’s a win-win situation :) Of course there will be days where it’s difficult, but all that matters is that it’s worth it. Remember: Jannah & Allah’s happiness is the goal!

- Maisha

Anonymous asked: you guys look STUNNING. do you do it? Any fall fashion/back to school fashion trends for modest girls? what is going to be in? Give me the deets!! hehe thanks!

Aww thank you!! That means a LOT :)

As far as fall “trends”, I personally looove boots and sweaters and fall colors. From the looks of what I’m seeing in a lot of stores, plaid is big too. Howeverr, set your own trends! Wear what you like and feel comfortable in. One of my favorite things about hijab and modest fashion is that since it’s not totally mainstream, we can kind of set our own trends. So have fun and be comfortable and modest, and beauty will follow through :)

- Maisha

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