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Anonymous asked: any keys to confidence?

Be someone you’d respect.

Anonymous asked: im starting high school soon and I was kind of thinking about wearing hijab because my mom asked if i wanted to a few of my friends wear it, but im scared i wont be accepted in school and that my old friends will hate me.

If you feel an inkling towards it in your heart, take that as a good sign and make what you can out of it. Ask Allah to make you want it more and the strength will come. Obviously you have family support and support from some of your friends, and honestly friends who hate you for it really aren’t the kinds of friends you want.. although I doubt they will hate you, they may just not understand it at first. Look into it, try it out here and there (mall, movies, dinners, etc) and see how you feel about it! Everyone’s relationship with hijab is different, but what’s important is to keep it in mind and always work towards getting closer and closer to perfect.. so ask Allah for confidence in it and to help you really love it. I’ll be keeping you in my duas <3 

Anonymous asked: where is the last abaya from?

I got it at a local fair from a lady who brings them from.. Dubai I think? Not sure, sorry :/ You can probably find butterfly abayas like that online or at Kabayare Fashion

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