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Anonymous asked: your watch is beautiful! where did you get it, if I may ask?

THANK YOU! It’s a Daniel Wellington watch…you should check out their website. I think they’re brilliant watches. 


Anonymous asked: What is your take on music? Is it really bad in Islam?

Hello! Our take honestly doesn’t matter as none of us are scholars; I recommend you check out a few different scholars and then use your best judgment.

Anonymous asked: where do you purchase such pretty abayas from?

Salaams! Kabayare fashion has some..the other ones we bought from a local lady who brings them from Dubai 

Anonymous asked: can you do close ups of accessories?

Will do when we wear some that are photo worthy! ~

Anonymous asked: i know this isnt a usual question that u get, but do u know where i can buy a Palestinian flag in Michigan?? i'm Pakistani so i don't already have one. i want one for a rally in Dearborn on Saturday but buying online would take too long

Salaam! A few of us went to the protest that was in Detroit and a lot of people got their flags from Dearborn..someone said they have them at dollar/variety stores there. I’d say that’s your best bet, maybe you can try getting one before the rally starts? Or just make a poster to carry! Good luck =) 

Anonymous asked: do you know what colors look good on darker skin tones? tan with warm undertones specifically

You came to the right place!

I would say bright colors, like fuscia, red, yellow, orange, green, turquoise…those sorts of colors. if you look at traditional wear from countries with people with that skin tone you can see that we loooove our colors!

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